once when punai grew older.his mother told him about his father. she said that your father was died when you are small. he was died while he went to take lobster in ocean because of the shark king. since villager didn’t went to take lobster. after hearing that he was very angry and felt very sad. so punai promised her mother that they will be eating lobster again.on next day punai threw the sack into the ocean.after throwing the sack five shark came and they were busy there. at that time shark king wasn’t there . so punai jumped into the ocean and take many lobster. after punai came out of the ocean. the shark king came and he saw that punai had taken many lobster. the shark was very angry and scold and send away some of shark from the cave. at that night punai ate the lobster with his mother. on next day punai saw that the shark king had given the duty to some other shark. so he planed to threw the the basket full of coconut which looked like a seal. when he threw that basket it flout on the ocean and it looked like a seal. so all the shark went there and again punai went to the ocean

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