On Monday-Pema Khando

We had holiday on Monday because of Republic Day.On that day mam Ive had taken the students of Access Lalitpur to our school.We interact with each other by asking the question.We made groups mixing both from students of Lalitpur and Namgyal.After that we had session for each group and took round to session.Session like game,music,art etc.We all communicated and cooperated with each others.we made lots of friends,brother,sister.we share our idea and knowledge to each other.At last we all made s’more and ate it.After that we took our group photo and from our access we had made forty carts for them.Our Gugal sir had gave us two colour papers for each student to made carts and we tried our best to made the wonderful carts.We gave our carts to them and said bye bye to all of them and they went back to there own home.It was wonderful day for me and i would like to say thank you mam Ive and all the teachers of Access.That;s all Thank You.

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