first of all we are so excited to meet the student of access from lalitpur when our teacher told that they coming to our school on Monday. on Monday morning around 10am they had came to our school. many of them are senior than us and some of them are as same as we are. at first we had made some group and each group had a leader. i am also a leader of my group. after that aviy had called and gives us a piece of paper. inside the paper there was a question and it was for having a good conversation with the student of lalitpur. so we started our conversation and the conversation with the student of lalitpur was nice. after that our teacher had made a group and each group had given a name of fruit. our group name is grapes and had a two leader. one from namgyal and one from lalitpur and we had a different session and our first session is in music. we study a song called ‘sleeping child’. it was easy to sing a song. we sang the song for many time and after that we had a lunch time and we went to ate our lunch. after we had a break-time for a while. at that time we played antakshiri (singing challenge game) between access namgyal verses access lalitpur. it was so interesting but teacher had called us because we many classes and we don’t have many time . so we go to our own group and now we had language game class . at language game  our group (grapes) had divided into two groups and in most of game .we the group two had won the language. after a language game .we had a another class and again it was game class. at that class we played a board game and it was quit interesting and after that we had our last class and it was our art class. i think that it will be interesting. at art class teacher told us to make four group  two Tibetans and two Nepali because we had to draw and explained about that. we had many choices to draw a picture like  about own culture,tradition,dress,main function,cultural or historical places etc. our group drew a picture of main function of Tibetans. the main function of Tibetans is the birthday of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama. our other friends  explain and drew picture of some drew abut cultural place, some drew about their dress and some drew about the main festival. we all shared our own picture and explained about about it and i lots of knowledge. after our last class. aviy had given us treats us marshmallow and it was tasty. after that we all take a group photo and we gave some beautiful card to our new friend from lalitpur access and i gave card to two friend and after that they had gone. that Monday was most memorable for me in access and i wished that we had a class with them again.


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