On Saturday tour _ Tsering dolkar (B)

on 19 may i heard that access students are going for tour when i heard this good news i felt very happy and excited for the next day. we went here from at 9:00 and we reached narayahity palace at 10:30 i felt little be dizzy when i get out from the bus we stayed … Continue reading On Saturday tour _ Tsering dolkar (B)

My School, NAGYAL MIDDLE- YAngzom Lama

ACCESS to English

I study in grade seven at Namgyal Middle Boarding School since 2010 AD. I love my school more than my home because I spend more my time in school with respective teachers, dear friends, foster mother etc. For me it is like my village and I always respect it from my bottom of  the heart. I remember my school time when I get bore during holidays.

I am learning many more about anything from my teachers. The days I have spend in my school its very different compare to other days for me. I got many experience and I realized myself  from my mistake.

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Sensitive plants = Tsering Tsomo Lama

In our surrounding there many plants and some plants have extra ordinary. Some plants have sensitive  character which are differ from other plants and they do amazing that other plants can't do. Some example of such plants are Mimosa pudica, Legumes plants, Mimosa pigra and many more.