On Saturday – Mingma Doma Sherpa

On last Saturday we gImage result for narayanhiti palaceathered here at 9 am and then left here from 10am. We were overjoyed that day. First we went to Narayanhiti Palace ( The Place of Late Majesties). It was called as a Museum later on. We saw the photos of them and then we went inside. In inside there were lots of people. The palace was so much big. We were amazed to see that. There were lots of things which were had been there since the death of Majesties. We also visit the place where our late majesties got shot and found critically. The room was divided on the name of 75 district and after that we went to ate lunch and then rest there for some minutes. We went to swimming pool but unfortunately there were lots of people so our teachers decided to took us zoo which was located in Jawalakhel. We saw lots of people standing for queue however our teacher managed to take us first and then we went inside the zoo. We saw lots different animal. We saw Royal Bengal tiger, tortoise, alligator, chimpanzee, monkey, hippopotamus and other etc. After watching all the animals we decided to go and  went to bus. After some minutes we finally came to swimming pool called NEPAL POLICE CLUB. After reaching there we changed our dress and then jumped in water. but the owner of pool didn’t give the permission to swim to those girls who were wearing shorts pant instead of swimming costume. But however we decided and then all of them got chance to swim. After sometime We got ready and then went to school. We reached here at 6 pm as we were so exhausted.

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