last Saturday with access- tashi deckyi *_*

at last Saturday we we went to many places. First we went to Narayanhiti Palace at 10am from our school. after that we reached at place and our teacher gave us ticket and we enter to place. the place was very big and beautiful. at place we saw many ancient things that were used by king. we saw many mirror and room of king. we saw that each room had given a district name. we also went to the place were the king,queen,prince and other member were killed. at there we also saw many garden. after seeing the palace. we went to ate a lunch. we ate our lunch in restaurant called unity food cafe. the lunch was very delicious. after having a lunch. we went to swimming called Nepal police club. we went to play swimming but unfortunately swimming was so pack and our teacher decided to come here at 4pm. so before playing swimming we went to zoo located at Jawalakhel. we saw many animals like tiger,many type of deer,many kind of bird, alligator,fish,leopard,bear,monkey,wild pig,giant elephant,etc. after that we went back to swimming pool. it was not pack. we played swimming for an hour because we don’t have costume so we play for an hour. after that we went to take bath. after that we went back to our school. that Saturday was the best Saturday for me i will not forget the last Saturday with access.

        THANKYOU *-*

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