Experience on last Saturday -Pema Khando

HR2F decided to took our access student to visited the museum and swimming pool.At first we went to Narayahiti palace.We took our ticket and entered the palace.I was very exited to go there because i had been there one time when i was in class one.In that time i didn’t know anything and i had no idea to took the information.So,this time i got golden opportunity to visited the museum of Narration palace.When i entered the museum,i remembered all those things which i had seen when i had seen during one class.When i entered the gate i saw many old things like idols of Gautama Buddha,pictures and statue of king,queen and their families,beautiful garden,room of king,queen and guests from other country.The rooms were given name of district like Gurkha,Dadding,Lamjung,Kaski,Pal pa etc.I also saw rest room,living room,dining room,meeting room etc.I saw the place where the king and his families dead and spots of gun.The most of the photos of king Brenda were there.Lastly i would like to say that i got lots of information about our past king.It was very useful for me because we need such information for our social studies.Our miss Tsering la had said some more new information about our past king.After that we went for lunch and it was called Unity Food Cafe.Then we had a decision to go to swimming pool but unfortunately the swimming pool was so pack of people so we decided
to go to zoo before going swimming.We went to zoo and i saw lots of animals like different kind of birds,fishes,reptiles,dear,snakes,monkey,bear, etc.The most interesting things was that i saw the tiger.There were two tiger that i saw and it was amazing.I was like to go to zoo because it was my fifth time.I had been there many time.After that we went to swimming pool and it was called Nepal Police Club.We swim for more than one and half hour and we came back to our school at 6:30.We arrived here at 7:00.

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