On Saturday we all student were went to swimming pool,zoo and Museum.It was my first day in those three place.I was so excited to swim.So we all went to museum and there I got so many new knowledge from museum.In there are so many skin of animals.I also saw the rooms of king,queen and guest.The museum was very large and big.So,my legs was pain by round that large and big museum.We also visit those place where the king and queen was die.The wall was bullet proof.  After that we went to ate our lunch in unity cafe.e ate our lunch for some minutes.Then we all went to swimming but unfortunately the swimming was full of people.So our teacher diced to go to zoo.In zoo there was some many people in queue but we got ticket in first.We saw many people in zoo .We saw many animals in zoo like monkey,tiger,snake,deer,musk deer and fish.After that we went back to swimming pool and i felt so happy because of my first day.we play game in pool and it make us more fun in pool.Me, Dechen and pema bhuti went to 10 feet.I through that i am so lucky to got a beautiful and wonder full chance.After we  swam for three hours and went back in school in 6:00pm.

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