About last Saturday -Pema Bhuti.

On Saturday we  all students were getting ready to go to Narayanhity museum,Swimming pool.Me and my friends were filled with excitement.First we all students and teacher were waiting for the divers to arrive.At last he arrived and he started the bus and after 15 minutes we arrived at place called Durbarmarg,Jamal where the narayanhity  museum.When we  finished take  the tickets for all the teachers and students we enter into the museum and the museum was very big which was filled with ancient period things and very large bed room.We also got to observed the place were the king, Queen got shot and died.After that we all students and teachers went for the lunch in a unity cafe.We had a delicious lunch.After that we all students and teachers rest and shared about the day.After few minutes all teachers and students got inside the bus and we were all planing to go to Nepal police club for swimming.Most of the students were flashing of excitement on there face but when we reached there unfortunately the swimming pack.Our teachers suggest us to go to national zoo at Jawalakhel before going to swimming and we all student also agreed at there suggestion.When we reach at zoo after 15 minutes we were amazed to see quiet long queue of lots of people.Somehow our respective teacher managed it for us and we got he ticket and we entered into the Zoo.There was lots of animals but i must admit that i have gone to zoo more than seven times.Me and my friends did around of the zoo.After 30 minutes we all friends and students got out of the zoo exits door.We all went and again got inside the bus.We all went back to swimming pool to see if the swimming was pavk but when we reached there we realized that the swimming fully free from people and we all decided to swim.Most of us got inside the water but unfortunately some of the friends got absence of swim suit.We the one one got swim suit lend to them who don’t have.After 1 hour we all got out of the swimming pool and then we took about 20 minutes to get inside the bus.When we reached at school i felt like how did the time passed.If only i could call back the these moment.I felt lucky to go there with lots of people.When i was in school i shared my feeling,experience to my friends who were not access students.After all this day will remain as one of the wonderful moment.

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