20th May – Tashi Lama

On 20 may we the access student was taken to out to palace,zoo,swimming pool.At that morning we was ready to go to out . Our all teacher came and we got in our school bus and our driver started bus.We traveled  30 minute and we reached palace name Naryaniti palace.There we rest for some minute.And our two teacher went to find place lunch .Then we entered gate.There i saw many photo of king of Nepal .Most of I saw king Birendra photo . I also saw many beautiful room,mirror,garden ,statue,drawing,picture, etc. and i also saw place where king family’s were killed.

At first it was palace before king died after that . It was change into museum after 3 year.IT was so beautiful and i will never forget that movement .After museum we get in our bus then we went to our lunch place.It name was unity cafe .There we wait for some minute .Then we ate our lunch .After lunch we rest for some minute .then we went to swimming pool but unfortunate swimming pool was full of boys.Then our teacher changed there decision .And we went to zoo. when we reached outside the gate of zoo.Then our teacher bought ticket and we got inside zoo .There first I saw alligator which was looking very danger. then me and my friend went on looking the animal.I saw many types of deer,Wild Buffalo,Gorilla,many types of birds like parrot, eagle,peacock etc I saw many of them but I forget there name.And I was very excited   to see Bengal tiger . when I saw Bengal tiger I was so amaze .one was so big and fit and healthy but another was wicked .

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