20th may from pema norbu

During access sometimes we visited outside as a tour this time we went to naraynity museum at durbermerg, zoo located at jawalakhel and swimming also. First we went to naraynaty museum which is about the past events of our Majesty from the king prithivi narayan shah to exe king gyanendra who was retired last two three years. I saw a lots of things there of large rooms of king queen and visiters from outside, image of all of our let Majesty, many statue specially the crowns which is at the back side of a thrones. The main place that i notice was that the area where the king nirajan was dead against the bullet. After that we had our lunch in unity cafe and then we went to zoo of jawalakhel. The first there was the the crocodile but i can’t saw it i think it was at the botton.Thre were the large number of deer family about maximum among them. I saw lots of animals which was divided into there groups. after the zoo we went to swimming which is nepal police club. I’ m not perfect but i enjoyed with friends.

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