Amazing plants = Tsering Tsomo Lama

There are many plants around us and some of them are amazing and wonderful. Some plants like picture plant, touch-me-not plant,venus flytrap plant,panama(stink lily) plant and many more that I had seen in our surrounding. This plants are amazing and wonderful because in real they don’t look like a plant but do the characteristic of other plants and they catch their prey by using idea and copy the same characters surrounding.

Some amazing plants like minute colorful plants that is usually colorful. It is in colorful and attractive to feed their prey and escape from their enemy.

Picture plants are amazing in catching their prey and due to their colorful and attractive insects attract on it. When the insects fall down suddenly it closes it’s mouth and feeds that insect.

Venus flytrap is also amazing plant when insect sits on that leave it starts to close the leave and traps that insect.

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