Amazing plants-thinley choedon tamang

As we all know there are many amazing plants .some of amazing plants like
cropse flower=it not only ugly it smell like a corpes (the rosted plants or flowers)
luckily only 28 have bloomed it the united not actually on a big flower;it,s thousand upon thousand of little male and female flowers .
Elephant;foot yam=this plant also smell like a corpse .some are pure white most of these elephant foot yam vary in colour .
Rafflesia =rafflesia is another ‘corpse flower’because of it smell (this is last plant here that smell like a corpse).it is only wacky because it have no stems,leaves,or roots, thought it does seem to be a plant of some kind .some think it related to fungi.
Venus flytrap;not many plant eat other than sunlight but it trap fly and eat it.these much i wanted to write about thanks for reading.

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