Amazing plants – tenzin paldon

The earth is home to more than 298000 species of plants. The diverse group balance nature and life on the earth. Some plants produce beautiful pleasant smelling flowers, some produce nutrientsrich fruits, some have medical properties and some have the totally strange appearance. Following are some strangest plants around the world.

1) Elephant- Foot yam

Elephant-Foot yam looks like a elephant foot, Its smells like a corpse, these elephant-foot yams vary in color, as well, Some are pure white. In one southeast Asian culture, they are grown as a delicacy while in another they are a last resort food source.

2) silver torch cactus

The Silver torch cactus is Wooly But that isn’t too unusual cactus in that it prefers cold temperature. It lives in the high mountains of Bokvia and Argentina and can stand up to minus 10 degree celsius.

3) Hydnellam peckii

It is a special type of fungi that produce blood or juice like fluid on its surface. This plant is also known as Bleeding tooth Fungus , It is the scarlet pigment causes blood like the colour on the flusd of this plant.

4) Corpse Flower, Titan Arum

The corpse Flower smells strongly like a rotting corpse, it looks like it imagine that the smell helps prevent it from being eaten, but despite this the plant is still very rare, according to the IUCN its offically threated. It comes from the forests of sumatra. Its not actually one big flower.

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