WE went to Pokhara with our access students and our access teachers on April 4th.Before we went to Pokhara, i felt very happy to got this golden opportunity from our school with the help of English Microscolarship.We were surprise to heard this news. There came a time to visit Pokhara, we were ready with our require things and went to Pokhara from our school with our access teachers and our access students. We had delicious lunch at Muglin.Some of us were sad because of vomiting problems. I saw many beautiful and peaceful places which were lie on the way of Pokhara.When we reached Pokhara, we settled at Snowland Hotel and I was excited to meet my cousin but she was at holiday in a village. I told everything about our conditions to my parents because I didn’t want that they were worried of me.
I got all facilities and I tried my best in everything. I got lot of knowledge from our resources person. It was my first time to Pokhara with golden opportunity and I didn’t want wast it.So I observed it very well. I saw many differences between Pokhara and Kathmandu and I saw amazing place like island at the side of Fewa lake. We also went to Sarangkot. It was one place where we can see a whole of Fewa lake at the top of hill. We took our group photos there. All days we were busy with our session. We also went to some big industries there.We performed our group drama at our last session and it was a great day for me that I got a prize of the MOST Discipline STUDENT among our access students. I enjoyed my session with full of confidence and it was a memorable trip to Pokhara.

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