Reflection on access intensive camp -Tsering Tsomo Lama

Our access camp at Pokhara was wonderful and it was started from April. We were very exited to visit Pokhara and we spent one week in Pokhara.

At first day we all gather at our school and spent one night at school. At morning we went out from our school and walked for few minutes because the bus could not reach direct at our school. Then we traveled into the bus and the bus very clean and comfortable. I saw many beautiful view while we at the bus and I was very happy at that time.

After that we had launch at Mugling and the launch was very delicious and tasty also. Then we stepped into the bus and continuous our tour.

at 4 p.m we reached at Pokhara and the place of Pokhara was very nice and it was also new place for me because I never been at Pokhara.Then we had our own room that was divited by our teachers.We stayed at hotel called “Snowland” near the Fewa lake.

We had session every day and I was really interest at this session. Within this six days deference researcher taught variety related knowledge and education. We did stage drama and we had four groups and me and my group got third position and our drama was about the social problems which is practice in our society. I was very happy to get opportunity or participate in drama.

We got chance to meet great person and also got many knowledge. I also learnt environment conservation and it’s management, personal development,about the wild life,waste management, importance of education, art and craft, how do to drama and it’s importance, how to encourage our memory and many more.

At last day, we went to ice-cream factory and we also saw other industry.We also went to “Sarangkot” and I saw beautiful seen of Pokhara.

Then we returned at “Kathmandu” and I saw many differance between Kathmandu and Pokhara. I thought that we all are very fortunate to get such opportunity.

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