Before our teacher told that we had a pokhara tour.The time arived us to go to pokhara.Yesterday was our result at result teacher told that access student must be stayed at school.When our result was finished we went for home to take our clothes and we came back school at 5:o’clock.Today we were at school.We felt very excited to go pokhara.We woke up at 5:o’clock and we washed our face and took our breakfast. we waited the bus at our gate when our teacher arrived and teachers took us at swoyambhu because our bus imments.So it couldn’t reached our school through narrow road.We travelled our bus at 7:o;clock.When I stayed at cabin I felt very happy to got the first sits.When i was at bus I saw many different between pokhara and kathmandu.I saw pokhara airpot and many thing.Road are better than kathmandu.then we ate our lunch.after few hours we reached in the hotel.That was very nice.Our teacher distribute our rooms.then we ate our snack.our teacher said that we are make the meeting room.We clean the meeting room.then we ate our dinner and went to next day we ate our breakfast and want for class.we learn many new thing in first class and i thought that we our another day have a class like this. learning new things in the section our time was gone.the last day we came back to kathmandu and want to my home.I told my parent that the access tour was very important for all of the children in world and they said me that you are so luckey to got a chance and they also told me to study hard.

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