Reflection On Access Intensive camp 2017 – Sangay Rinchen

Our journey was started from 4th of the April. I was excited to go there and we stayed one night at our school. We got out at 8;A.P from our school. We reached at Mugling.for lunch. We ate lunch then again moved to bus. we arrived Pokhara and we all stayed in snow land guest house. Pokhara city was so beautiful and clean. air was fresh. I felt so happy.from next day we started our class section. many resources person came and taught us. we did a lots of work and activities.I also learned many thing. They taught us different topic like Zero waste management,waste management, art and craft, Street drama, Public speech, Media, setting of goals, environment conservation, wildlife conservation, story writing etc. we visited the Sarangkot and we took some and from the view of Sarangkot. I saw just dreamed for me first time I reached Pokhara because I had never seen such wonderful place before. We visited ice-cream and we ate ice-cream. we also went for boating the lake of Phewa. At last day we had a talent show. We all enjoyed I was enjoyed with my friend. On 10th April left snow land hotel and we returned back to Kathmandu. How to spent my time at Pokhara in 2017. It is my memorable day.

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