Reflection of access intensive camp-Thinley choedon

It was the day full of excitement.I, our access students and access teachers went pokhara on 4th april .The road of pokhara was better than kathmandu.In that time we reach there at 3 or 4 pm .Teachers destibute the room and room members .me and my friend were the same room. On that we take a race .we start to learn from the second day .there are many ceremony that we learn from different people.By learning all this ceremony i feel lucky to myself even i get out knowledge .there are many ceremony like setting personal goals ,it tought about the map of our goals .street drama where some therior performed on the state .the meaning street drama was the drama which performed on the road .The drama performed by therior was heart touching and also very emotional.It was about girl trafficking .than about arts.we also wrote arts.public speaking which tought about how to spoke in a public.than media,managing the waste management we learn mostly the importance of velture in the field of waste management .than how to play scrabble core in etc ther was many other ceremonys that we learn.out side of camp we went to sarangkot,which i saw many beautiful views of pokhara, The fewa lake where we also went there for boading and take a round of the temple.we do drama compotation on the last day of pokhara .we went to look pokhara industrys like ice cream industry .we sang a song ,dance also show telents in last day .all the day was full of ecitement and happiness .i enjoys there with lots of fun .It only because of all the us ambasator and teachers.thank you all.

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