Intensive Camp To Pokhara 2017 – Mingma

We gathered here at 3rd May in our school. We access student only stay at here in school.At 4th April of the morning we ate breakfast and then left here from 8:30 morning. While we were going we saw lots of view of rivers, mountain which I felt very good. After 3 hrs we reached Muglin for lunch and spent some time there and again we went to bus and then after a long journey we reached Pokhara at 4:00 pm where the city was clean, fresh air, and good environment.We stayed at guest house name ‘Snow Land’ where the facilities were very good. After reaching there we went our room to get fresh up and then came down to have snacks. After having that we went to meeting hall. At 7:00 we ate lunch and then went to sleep. AT morning we got up early and then went for walk at lakeside where the view was very beautiful. We took a group photo and spent some time there. At 7:45 we reached at hotel and ate breakfast. After breakfast we went to hall and from here our session start. In our session we met resource person and we learned many things about religious, stereotyping, Public speaking, street drama, zero waste management, arts, environment conservation etc. Our session was very enjoyable. We gain lots of knowledge, education from them. In this way our session got finished.We visited at Sarangkot and saw mountain and the valley of pokhara and also dairy industry. And at the last day at pokhara we went to lakeside and spent time there. We ate lunch and after 9 pm there was talent show among children. We sang at stage. Teacher also joined us and we danced in group. After sometime we got tired and went to sleep. At morning we woke up at the regular time and got ready. We ate breakfast. AT 8:00 the bus reached there and we left from there. At 12:35 we reached at Muglin and ate lunch. We went to bus and after 4 hrs we reached home.

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