Access Intensive Camp At Pokhara-pema norbu

That day i was so exitement to be there because it was the first time for me at pokhara during access intensive camp in education garden. For me its very wonderful programes to improved the English language throughout the next aspects for better quality and more productivity. Not only that it gives creative confident and more inclusive in all participation of any activities.first and foremost we left from our present school at morning eight o’clock after the tea and then we rushes into the bus and travel with my fellow teachers and student.In this way we starts our tour by traveling in the bus through one day. to there we arrived about 4 pm. I WAS SO Amazement when i saw a beautiful scenery there. It was the first time for me far far from the kathmandu with a long distance of wonderful memorable there. when we reach there we enter into a big hotel called snowland where most of the tourist attracting hotel in pokhara over view our it is located at the lakeside place. at next our teacher told us that we had a session through the day with a

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