ACCESS CAMP TO POKHARA IN 2017- Tseten Dolma”’

On april 4 our namgyal middle boarding access student are went to pokhara. I am very excite to go to pokhara. this is my first time to visit new place. First we left Kathmandu at 9’clock and we went and i saw many new things at the road. All student and staff left at bus and ate food in Mugling. when we finished and all student rested and to bought some sweet and teacher called student and left at bus. In pokhara we reached at 4’clock and someminute teacher divided our room and to rest in room. we drank tea and biscuit. we all student to saw Fewa lake.I saw many to boating at lake and some people to clicked at photo at side of lake. I am very surprised in Pokhara. There are beautifully place, environment and good place to visite. On april 5 we star our session first to taught English language and fellow and to get different knowledge activities, and creative. we always to visited industry and librey. In morning we went to sarangkot. we saw view of pokhara valley. I now many knowledge and to related our life. In april 9 we all know that how importance is time. they taught us lots of way to manage time. we also presentation on it. after lunch we closed our session and gave certificate to all teacher and students other guest etc. also gave prize to winner of drama. On that day we enjoy alot because it was our last day. we had talent show. so, at night we all sang a song and dance. at evening we went to lake side.we ate some corn and panipuri. and fresh for while.On april 10 we all travelled to Kathmandu. At mugling we ate food and to left bus. when we arrived Kathmandu we all went our home. I am very lucky and thank you USA embassy to help our access.I am lots of knowledge and happy.

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