Reflections on Access intensive camp 2017 – Pema Bhuti

We all access students were told to stay at school for the next day journey to Pokhara. On fourth April we started our journey. It took about 7 hours to reached there at Pokhara.In the bus i felt very dizzy.We ate our lunch in place called Moglin. The lunch was very delicious.After long time journey in the bus when i heard that we were about to reach our destination.I felt very excited.Comparing to Kathmandu Pokhara is very neat.We reached at a hotel called Snow land.The hotel was huge and it has lots of building.At first day we were free to rest and we were provided rooms to all the access teachers and the very first day i heard there are lots of sessions to attend.I felt bore but when i met wonderful teacher like Upendra poudel,Bishwa Gautam,Stella wasson ,Ive atlas silver man etc.I got very deeply interest in studying all these things.They were teaching to us.I got to know about lots of thing like about Child rights,benefits of being an access alumina,Zero waste management,Setting goals,Stereotyping,Arts etc.We access teachers and all students went on walk by lake side alternatively in morning and evening.We also visited at Srangkot and Industrial Zone of Pokhara and also went to American corner.When the sessions were about to end i felt bore to step out of Pokhara.At last day of our sessions all the resource person, access teacher and we all access students were being provided certifications of being participated in access intensive camp.At that i got a very golden opportunity to give a thanks to all the resource person and access teacher for all the guardians on the behalf of all the access students.At the last night of access intensive camp we celebrated with very joy and at tenth April we all access teachers and student went back to Kathmandu.At last at 5 pm i reached in my home with very safe journey.

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