Amazing Plants=sangay rinchen

Bizarre plants in the world. Also known as the bleeding tooth fungus it secretes a bright red juice. There are about 375,000 species of plants in the world today with more being discovered on a daily basis plants come in different sizes,shapes,colors.We've all seen the common household plants fens,orchids, violets but most of the plants … Continue reading Amazing Plants=sangay rinchen


The earth is home to more than 29'8000 species of plants. The diverse group balance nature and life on earth. some plants produce beautiful pleasant smelling flowers, some produce nutrient- rich fruits. some have medicine properties and some have the totally strange appearance. Venus flytrap also know as dionae a municipal is a carnivorous plant. … Continue reading AMAZING PLANTS – Tseten Dolma

Amazing plants-Tashi lama

Dionaea Muscipula;Dionaea muscipula is carnivarous plant native subtropical wetland.When insector spider crowling along the leave contact hair the trap close if a different hair is contacted within twenty second of the first strike. Selageinella Lepidophylla ;Is noted for its ability to survive almost complete desiccationg : during dry weather in its native habitat it stems … Continue reading Amazing plants-Tashi lama