The tailor’s coat – Tsering dolkar

Once there was a tailor his name Joseph. He worked with his father’s. Joseph dreams of making a coat as a butterfly’s wings. One day in his shop one man came to make a vest with beautiful cloth. Joseph used the extra cloth to make his dreamed coat. One cold afternoon, joseph met young women her name was Anna. He brought his coat to her and they became friend. After many years they got married and they had a daughter. After many years, the coat looked dull and old. Then joseph had an idea. He reused coat from beautiful hat. He took out side to play in the snow. They were very happy. The days pass, and his daughter grew up. He love his hat very much but a hat looking old and dirty. He recycle hat from small bow tie for himself. One morning suddenly his bow tie was disappeared from his neck. He looked everywhere but he didn’t find it. He was sad and told his family about the coat, the hat and the bow tie. He remember his those days that he spent. Peter was small and thought that the bow tie was butterfly. Peter said, to his grandpa, your bow tie was butterfly. It’s was flew away from here. Grandpa smile and said yes you are write. It was flew away from me and my memories was didn’t gone from me. And last thy lived happily.

Theme = we shouldn’t throw any piece of cloth because we can reuse and recycle it.
How can you related this story with the chapter you are studying from your textbook?
= we can related this story with the chapter we are studying from the textbook by in the story Joseph have reduce, reuse and recycle from his clothes.

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