PLANS FOR LHOSAR – Sangbu sherpa

I am planning to spent this vacation very joyfully because this is our one of the important day and new year of us. We the Tibetan, Sherpa and many other religion celebrate this festival. I will help my parents to make the(khapse) which is eaten during the lhosar. me and my brother will visit the cousins and greet them saying We are going to our home on the Thursday. We have about nine days of vacation. I am planning to happy lhosar.we are planning to play pool match in lhosar and drink Tibetan wine as it is our tradition. I am going to go for lhosar picnic which will held in Saturday. In our home there will come many guest and cousins to visit us too. I am going to play SHO with my cousins which is Tibetan game. After that I think I think our vacation will also finish. Wish you very happy lhosar and you all have a nice days

THANK YOU…………………..

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