In February 23 we had a holiday for our main festival.we celebrate losar for 15 days. In this Losar likewise my aunt will make a special food called Khapse. It is a special food of Tibetan’s. in this Losar i had a plane to hang out with my friend’s in Losar.first some of my friend will came to pick up me and when they pick up me. we will also go for pick up other friend’s and me and my friend had plan to go to the place called garden of dream and after that we had also plane to go for lunch. i think that will also be a memorable losar for me. with family at the first day we go to monastery and get a blessing from Rinpoche. in that day our parent’s and relatives didn’t give us money and we didn’t went to relatives home because it is our tradition. at second day we went to relatives and also gave khapse, wines, and money to them. they also gave us money, khapse and wines to drinks. at third, forth, fifth, sixth or other day many day’s. some time we give party to them and some times they give us party. we also had a big party. all our relatives gather in a grate place for a party. it was the day i waited for losar. and likewise our losar will finish by passing time with nearest relatives.

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