Our Losar holiday begins on February 23. It’s our main festival. I have lots of plan on Losar like going to Chandra Geri with friends, going to pilgrimage with my family, going for my dance class. Actually we Tibetan celebrates 15 days for Losar but we are getting only 10 days to celebrates because of our annul examination is near and we need time to study. We make khapse before starting the festival khapse are made with the help of oil, baking powder, village doctor and of course, fire. At first day we wear new clothes and we go to monastery for the blessing of the Rinpoche. At second day we go to our neighbor’s house to give some khapse, beer, chang etc. At third day we go to party. These three are the most important day and left over days are spent by playing, eating, dancing, and many other else. Some rich Tibetans gave big party and calls their respective relatives, peers, neighbor etc. Our friends also call us if they put any party. We too call them if we put any party. Any way I hope my Losar become full of joy, happiness, enjoyable and also become my one of the most memorable moment.

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