My Plans for Losar- Nyima Gyalmo

On Thursday our school was holiday for Gyalpo Losar. Our school, many of Tibetan school and many Tibetan people have holiday for that day. We have holiday for around ten or nine days. I have plan for my Losar with my family and Friend. We are going home at Thursday. On Friday we make khapse at our home. When my families make a khapse I also want to help them in work. On first day we put a flag on top of our house. Then we go to our gompas and we will take a Bless from our God Rinpoche. On second days we go in our relative houses on that day mom, dad, uncle, aunt and so many others relative drink Tibetan wine and small guys drink juice. Drink of Tibetan wine is our tradition. We never think negative to drink a Tibetan wine. We also taste that. On third day first we offer khapse to God then we share our khapse to each other and eat khapse on that day. On fourth, fifth, six or other day we go for pilgrimage. My plan is also go pilgrimage with ma family. On last day of Losar me and my friend is going to tour for two days.

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