My Plans For Lhosar – Mingma Doma Sherpa

Our school is getting closed for 10 days from 24th February for lhosar (the main festival of Buddhist. In lhosar mostly of the people used to wear traditional dress called “Chupa” which will be interesting for us as every religion has their own dress. All over the world is going to celebrate it.

In lhosar maximum of the people make khapse which is very famous at this festival. Mostly of the people celebrate it for 6 days. At the first day of lhosar mostly of the people go to monastery to get bless from Rinpoche as people believe that getting bless from them can bring peace in theirs family. So this is the great time that came only once a year where the families get gathered and have a great lunch. As I also like to gather with my family. And after that two day my plans start. Initially I will go to my relatives’ house. Mostly I love to roam with friend all the day so I will be going to my friend house to spend the day of lhosar.

And wish you all have a good day at lhosar with your families.

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