My Loser Plans- DecheSangmo and Yangzom Lama

First I will discuss among our family and  I will go for shopping to buy some toys for decorates my home beautiful and I will also buy a bunch of flower. I will take help from internet to search how to make tasty khabtse by Tibetan people during their Loser. I will call all my relatives with great welcome. I will buy beautiful watch for parents for Loser gift from me because they love me very much. I will decorate my home beautiful flowers, toys. I will make plan with my friends about how to enjoy our Loser holidays. I will make ping near my home for my small sister to play with her friends. I will make a match between our families to enjoy Loser. I will prepare some songs and dance for enjoy. I will buy a new dress for myself. i will go for pilgrimage with my family and friends. We all know that Loser is only for our Tibetan people to celebrate our new years. It is very important day  for us.  I will wish in Loser that all Tibetan people will live happy and live long life forever in their life.

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