About Tibetan New Year-PeNor

Our school will be closed at evening four a clock for celebration of Tibetan new year which most of the Tibetan people would grant celebration about it for the success of their life that they could do better of their works. Tibetan people celebrated three types of losar included Gyalpo losar which the most of Tibetan people celebrated to this festival, Sonam losar which the most of tamang people celebrated this festival and the last one is Tamu losar. Each and every Tibetan people celebrated this people even a poor one for the welfare of their life. In Tibetan the words ’lho’ means the years and ‘sar’ means new that both of this words join it forms a new year eves of Tibetan people. It is saying that this festival is begin about many years ago when the most of Tibetan people were in a coldy days with ther no any flora throughout the season. From that days they saw a single flowers were wrapping on the ground. We regarded this festival is most important festivals among others because on this festival whatever we do good deeds it will gain you a same seeds or wrong works which is not good for others it will give you a lots OF unsuccessful works.

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