The tailor and his coat – Nyima Gyalmo

Joseph dreams of making a coat as beautiful as a butterfly’s wings.

One day Joseph ‘s father, a tailor, makes a vest with some beautiful cloth. Joseph uses the extra cloth to make his cloth. Joseph wears his coat for many years. One day he meet one girl named Anna. They fell in love with each other. A few years later, they got married.Joseph opened his own shop in a near by town. He worn his coat every day. After many years,the coat looked like old and worn. He looked  at his coat .”I love this coat”,he said to Anna .”It made my father proud. it helped me meet you.But it’s too old and worn to wear anymore.”. then  Joseph had an idea. he said, “there is enough good cloth left to refuse to make something else!”

Joseph took the coat to his shop. he cut and sewed and made a hat. the hat was wonderful! Joseph wore his hat everywhere. when Joseph’s  daughter were very small, he took them outside to play snow. he danced and caught snowflakes in his hat. his little girls laughed. The year passed, and Joseph’s daughters grew up. as they grew older’ so did the hat. One day, Joseph said to his daughters,”I love this hat. I’ll never forget the day we danced and caught the first snowflakes of winter with it. but now it is old and worn. it is too worn to wear anymore”. then Joseph had an idea. he smiled and said’ “there are enough good cloth to recyle and make something new.” Joseph took the hat ti his shop. He cut and sewed and made a bow tie. The bow tie was wonderful! Joseph wore his bow tie everywhere. By this time’ Joseph’s daughter had children. Joseph had grandson named peter was old enough to speak, he pulled on the on the bow tie .he said ,”grandpa, there is a butterfly on your shirt.” One day Anna asked, “Where is your bow tie?” Joseph’s bow tie was gone!Joseph looked everywhere, but he could not find it.Joseph was so sad that he sat in his chair all day . “I love that cloth,”he said .”I had it for so many years. It was part of my memories. Now , it’s gone ,and my memories are gone ,too.” Peter said,”your bow tie was a butterfly,gramdpa. it flew away!”

“But your memories didn’t “said Hannah. Joseph smiled .”you’re right,”Joseph said “My memories didn’t fly away.They will stay with me always.”

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