Once there was a boy called Joseph who worked in his father’s shop. Joseph was a good tailor. He had a dream of making a beautiful coat for himself.

One day, a customer came with long and beautiful cloth. He had ordered to make a vest and he said, “You can put rest of cloth in garbage”. So he thought by using that cloth he would make a coat. After some days his cloth was ready. It was very beautiful. His father was very proud of his work.

One evening Joseph was walking at road as he saw a young girl name Anna without coat. So he felt pity on her and gave the coat which he used to wear it. They both fell in love and after some years they got married. After many years, the coat started to look dull and worn. He thought to reuse it and make a beautiful hat. Every day he used to wear his hat wherever he go. When Joseph daughters were small he took them outside to play in snow. He danced and caught snowflakes in his hat. His little girl laughed. The years passed his daughter grew. As they grew older so did the hat. Joseph was so sad that he sat in his chair all day. “I loved that cloth”, he said. It was part of my memories. Now it’s gone and, and my memory too. He thought and smiled and said “there is enough good cloth to recycle and make something new”. So he cut sewed and made a beautiful bow tie. Joseph family stood by his chair. He told them about putting the coat Anna when they met. He told them about catching snowflakes in the hat when his daughters were children. He told them about how, when Peter was small, he thought that bow tie was a butterfly Peter said,” your bow tie was a butterfly, Grandpa. It flew away!”

“but your memory didn’t”, said Hannah

Joseph smiled. You are right,” Joseph said. “My memories didn’t fly away. They will stay with me always.





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