The experience on winter vacation

—-By Pema Khando

In winter vacation, I went to my village. It took five days to reach there. When I reached there it was snowing. I played in the snow with my friends and took the pictures of mountains, hills, strange people and wild animals. I was very happy to reach there. I did my household works a lot because my mom was not feeling well as she was suffering from leg pain and there was no one to do the household works. One day, I and my friends were decided to go to pilgrimage. We went and pray there. I did my homework with the help of my brother and from internet. Last year, I also went to my village. At that time I saw there was nothing changed but in this year I saw many things were changed like there were TV channels, Wi-Fi net, all the bridges were made of iron and all the people were using electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, ipad etc. I love and enjoyed a lot in winter vacation in my lovely village samdo . I met all my relatives and my family there. I was very happy to meet my parents as we were not about one year. I ate lots of Tibetan food because we didn’t get such food here in Kathmandu. Lastly I would like to say that I’m proud to be born in such a peaceful and wonderful village



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