My experience on winter holiday

My winter holiday was very nice, good and joyful. In winter holiday, I went to the place called Gowa. I spent my holiday with my sis and bro. First of all I completed my homework and did my project with the help of internet and my friends. After some days l went to TAL to meet my aunt .There I met my friends and we completed our project together. Our project work was about collecting flowers. So, I and my friends went to collect some flowers for science project work. After one week, we went back to Gowa. While going back to Gowa journey we also went visit the Rinpoche of Thangprey. I enjoyed my holiday a lot with my family and with my sis baby boy .I ate various types of foods of Tibetan like Tsampa, thukpa, dhindo, Tibetan bread so more. The greatest moments of all was those days which I had spent my winter vacation with my lovely family. That’ll be the one of most memorable days in my life till now. That is how I spend my winter vacation with my family.

Written by Bhuti Lhamo

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