Experience of my winter vacation My winter holiday was not bad. I spent my whole day at home with my sis and mom. My great moments were to help my mom to house hold work and I also help my sis to complete her homework. Sometimes I felt so lonely because my true friend Tsering and Pema went to India. At that time I felt very bored and I missed them so much. They went for 15 days to Kalachakra in India. I talked with them on Facebook. I shared my all feelings what I felt for them. They also shared about their situation with me. I made a plan with them to celebrate Tamang Losar in Tudikhel when they came from India. I felt so excited for that plan. After few days they came from India and I felt so happy because they took a gift from India for My family. We went to tudikhel for tamang Losar. At that time we enjoyed very much I thought that day were my memorable day and unforgettable moments. On this winter vacation my memorable and unforgettable moments was enjoyed with friend and I felt glad to help my mom. I want to say something to my friend and who were saw my message don’t fun too much with your friends fun sometimes with your family it make too much HAPPY. Nyima Gyalmo

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