About my winter vacation

My holiday was amazing and enjoyable. I wrote my homework, rode a bicycle with my friends and I did my project work with the help of Internet. I went for lunch with my buddies that was my great moments because I had lots of joy there. We ate lots of delicious food, we danced, sang a song etc. In holidays I also went to Namo Buddha with my family members. At there I got blessings from Rinpoche. We stayed one night there at my cousin home. Around 6 pm we used to burn fire . we fried a meat and that was so delicious. I asked my parents to stayed again one night there but they rejected. Then we back to home. After some days we went to Lumbini . At there I saw a big statue of Buddha. We worshipped there and we pray for long and happy life. I saw a Indians people roaming at Lumbini. I tried to frank with them but I could not spoke well as they spoke their language. We stayed their at guest room. After some days we had back to Kathmandu again. Likewise I spend my holidays with my family.




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