Winter vacation

Winter vocation

My name is Tsering dolma .My holiday was so amazing that I never forget it . I went to my grandmother house there I felt very happy because I saw my all relative and my great moment was to spend my time with my lovely mother , brother and two younger sister. We celebrate our sonam Losar with my relative and other people. Sometime I help my mother to do house work. I help my younger sister to write her homework by hold her hand. I write my homework and project work. I go to learn dance for our galpo We went to other house for celebrate the Losar . I hard that our one villager was die because or appentix.In airpot he want to came here but suddenly this happened. I play game in mobile. My mother say us that study hard and be a good girl and a daughter.I have one true friend.We make a plain to go for swimming.we went there were our swimming dress and start to swim.I am become so happy becouse I spend my time with my true friend.sometime I watch TV. Sometime I am become bore that I go to play cycle with my brother angzen.He was so handsome and smart.







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