Winter vacation experience

My winter vacation was so enjoyable here. I went to my hometown Sama which is far from Kathmandu about four to five days would take there. The weather there was extremely cold. I went there every my winter holidays but the weather was so cold. This time it was quite hot I think it was because of an earthquake. It was so enjoyable there because most of my time was passing with my friends by playing here and there. The main objective of my visit was to helping my father in helping of household work like rearing domestic animals and cattle in the field because early my mother do all of household works but my mother was already gone to India for kalachakra. I arrived there within four days ago first of all I started to help in house works but it didn’t match like my thinks because there doesn’t had any works for me. I had so many home works but I can’t did it because I forgot to brought my winter assignment. That’s why I was just passing my time with my little brothers and friends by playing in the snow with a skate board and also maked a snow man and decorated . Image result for sama nepal                         – Pema Norbu

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