MY WINTER VACATION -thinley choedon

My name is thinley choedon and I went to Kalachakra .it was very great moment that I had went there with my family .in other day the kalachakra was started and the wather was so cold .there was many people with different contry and also there was many social workers.i lesten the his holiness the dalai lama advice and some time he joke for all .but in afternoon the weather was so warm. I saw many popular singers on tashi delek concert.i enjoy there with brothers and there I met some of my school friends. And one day I went to pilgrimage with limi group and my family.i enjoy with all of the some make me as their friends and many of them are making friend of pilgrimage .i really enjoy the vacation with friends, family and villagers .i test indian food like alu puri ,chana puri etc.i saw many pigs ,cow ,goat .the food are very chipper

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