About my winter vacation .


I went to my Birthplace , my village Samdo. It took 5 days to reach there when I reached there it was snowing. We stayed there for 20 days. The weather was really cold according to here and the place  were really very clean. I went to a pilgrimage which was just below my village called Samagoun. It took 2 hour to reach there .The place was very far that it was up on the hill. My great moment while helping my mom on household work because I haven’t met my mom for 2 year. One day me, my sister and my mom went to collect dry wood to cook food. It was far away from our house. We cut down many of the wood .We all carried it. It was very heavy  but I manage it. At that place there were nowhere to see any house . There were only river, animals, forest,   extra. The best thing was that the scenery   was very cool . After 20 day a call arrived on my mother’s cell. It was my brother who told us that now, it’s time for u to come down at Kathmandu. I was so shocked thinking how did the 20 day pass really fast. When we were ready to go I was really sad to leave my mom alone with my little sister. My mother told me to study hard and don’t go with bad friend. She gave me lots of advice and they are still on my mind. The most hatest thing is to leave my mom alone. After all it was my most memorable vacation.


-Pema bhuti


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