My winter vacation 2017

My winter vacation went well. I spent my days with my brothers. I went to manakamana. It took four hours to reach there. The road was so dangerous. I thought that day was my last day because road of highway was dangerous. I called my friends and told them I was going to die and that day was my last day. Road was rough but luckily we reached at Manakamana. The place was so beautiful that I didn’t expect. The houses were nice and people of that place were wise and gentle. I saw beautiful views and cable car. When I rode cable car it began to move I was scared. We traveled in cable car. I noticed one thing in cable car that we shouldn’t kick at door because it could break. From cable car, we saw the villagers and big Ncell tower. When we reached at top we saw the holy temple of Manakamana . the houses are break because of last earthquake. There are so many pigeons.we went inside the temple there were priest. We offer some fruits than we went to round the village the villagers house were made from mud and stone. Than hotel of manakamana were nice than we ate our lunch and went to cable car to return. When we reach down we went to trisuli river. The water of the river is so cold . We play in water fours half an hour than we return to bus. We travel to Kathmandu and here my journey stops.

Ngawang Dorjee


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