My winter vacation- Yangzom lama

My winter vocation was very nice, enjoyable and good. I went to Tal with my friends. It was not my village but I went there to spent my holidays. I saw there was very long bridge above the blue river. I went to forest with my aunt to collect some dry fire wood and cow dung. I also went to collect flowers for my science project with my friend. Her name is Dechen Sangmo. We ate delicious foods made by my aunt. We washed our clothes near the small river. I saw there was so many foreigners and a amazing rainbow. I also took so many photos with my friends Dechen and Bhuti Lhamo. I watched t.v only during night time.My village name is Samdo. I didn’t went to my village because it was my first time to Tal and I can’t  walk on way for long time. I also love my village very much.My aunt want that I will be a good girl.She is very kind hearted and every person like her.  I enjoyed my holidays as same as we enjoy in every holiday.

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