My winter holiday was very enjoyable and happy. During this vocation I went to India for Kalachakra. It takes three days from here. When I reached their I saw very beautiful places. I was so happy at that time. Before Kalachakra we visited many pilgrimage places. After next day we went to Kalachakra. I saw many peoples at that time. Kalachakra was celebrated for ten days. After we finished Kalachakra we went to meet Karmapa in his monastery. After that we went Varanasi. I saw many temples and one big river. That day we met Rinpoche.
Next day we came back to Lumbni. We visited many monasteries. We enjoyed their with my family and friends. Then we came back to our home. Then I was so tried so I rest for few minutes .After one week we went to watched movie in Civil mall. The movie name was Kabil. It was so interesting movie. After we finished that movie then we went to ate some eatable things.

-Karma Rinchen

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