Our school vacation started from 27th December to February 8th. My holiday was not bad. In my holiday there was lot of winter assignment to do which was very difficult so I started to complete my homework. My father’s plan was to go to village but unfortunately there were lots of work for him so we didn’t go there as I had never been to my village. After that I went to religious place called NamoBuddha which was very interesting for me. We left from here at 8 am in the morning and reached there at 10:30 am And spent some time roaming here and there. It was second time trip with my family to there. The place was very peace and beautiful. And it took maximum 2 hours to reach there. At the top of the hill the place was so nice with beautiful scenery which I felt very nice and spent some good time there. And next, I went to my friend birthday party which was also enjoyable for me and my friend. It was quite interesting for us. We also had a great lunch time with them. Then I spent my half vacation at home writing my assignment which I had to search it from internet and also had a great help from my sister and friend which was also interesting. I also spent my great time with my aunt which had come to Kathmandu for the first time. I took her to different places which made her happy after seeing all places. She stayed with us in our home for 1 month and left for her own village which made me very sad. I helped my father in home doing his work.

-Mingma Doma Sherpa


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