my name is sangbu sherpa. today i am going to share u about my we go,firstly i was planning to spent my holidays by completing the assignment and projects and then i was planning to enjoy the rest of days. i spent many days playing pool with my friends and uncle. i don’t know how the day was spent.but we were not worrying about the upcoming days.i help my mother to cook food,wash clothes,dishes and so day my mother cook shisnu and dhindo which was our tradational food and it was very day my brother ask me to go for hiking in took fifteen minutes to reach sundarijal from my old man was carrying a heavy load and ask us for help. we help him carrying a heavy bag till the way of chisapani and mulkharka and the old man gave us blessing for long would be very exciting if i went my village because i haven’t gone my village since 2008. but my father rejected to go to my village because it was destroyed by the last earthquake and it wasn’t rebuild yet, so my holiday was little bit exciting.   THANK YOU \\\\\……,,,,,,,

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