About winter vacation

My holiday was amazing and enjoyable. I wrote my homework, rode a bicycle with my friends and I did my project work with the help of Internet. I went for lunch with my buddies that was my great moments because I had lots of joy there. In holidays I also went to Namo Buddha with my family members. At there I saw a big statue of Buddha. We worshipped there and we pray for long and happy life. I got blessing from Rinpoche. I also visited to Lumbini. From here I got ready at 6pm. At there I saw a Maya Devi temple and Gautam Buddha temple . I also met many Indians and Buddhist people roaming there. I try to be frank with Indians but I could not i speak fluently with them. After all I went to lunch with my family. I stayed at Lumbini for three days.I had lots of joy there. I also saw different types of flowers and plants. I also make many friends there. Before I leaving a Lumbini we went for shopping there. After returning from Lumbini. I also went to met my cousins and they gave me lots of encourage. I also went to tution for somedays at my sister home. Likewise I spend my holiday with my families




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