About my winter holiday-karma

About My winter holiday

My holiday was not bad. me and my family went to village. I do lots of work in my village. first I was so happy but at last was so bore because i stay hole day inside the home so. the great moments when I get zero star in clan war . I went to monastery i saw many monks and nun having no hair. I feel so good. Me and my friend make a plan to went to the tatopani but i cant because my holiday i going to finished. After that day i came to kathamandu and started my homework with my friend sangbu sherpa.Me and my friend went for lunch after taking

lunch we went to bauddha kora. me and my friend watch lots of movie e.g kungfu yoga,kabil,three day to kill with norgyl,kelsang,gyamto,tenzin,nima,sangbu,mingmar dolma,kunchok

sangmo etc. I do nothing after watching the movie i take rest hole day with my friend(sangbu sherpa)

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