Winter Vacation


My name is Tsering Tsomo.My winter vacation was not bad and it was good and nice. I felt very excited to go to my village because I was not been my village since two years ago.

In winter vacation I went to my village called Samdo with my friends and brother. It took six days to reached my village and within six days I couldn’t walk well. So, I rode on the horse and I was very happy to rode on the horse. When we reached our village it was started to snow for few hours and we played with snow. I was also happy to played with snow. The weather was very cold and windy. So, wore thick woollen clothes to kept my body warm. I spent twenty days at my village. At that days I went to sacret pilgrimage to pray with my friends and family members. Some days I wrote my home works and project works with my friends and some times I played with my nephew and he was very cute and sweet.So, I spent my holidays in this way. Now its time to came back to my school and my holidays were finished.


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